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Alta Disponibilidade no SQL Server 2008

Acaba de ser lançado mais um excelente whitepaper (em inglês): High Availability with SQL Server 2008.

Dados sobre o artigo (em inglês):

Writer: Paul S. Randal (
Technical Reviewers: Sanjay Mishra, Michael Thomassy, Haydn Richardson, Gopal Ashok, Kimberly L. Tripp (, Glenn Berry (NewsGator Technologies)
Published: September 2009
Applies to: SQL Server 2008

This white paper describes the technologies available in SQL Server 2008 that can be used as part of a high-availability strategy to protect critical data. As well as describing the technologies in detail, the white paper also discusses the various causes of downtime and data loss, and how to evaluate and balance requirements and limitations when planning a high-availability strategy involving SQL Server 2008.
This white paper is targeted at architects, IT pros, and database administrators (DBAs) tasked with implementing a high-availability strategy. It assumes the reader is familiar with Windows and SQL Server and has at least a rudimentary knowledge of database concepts such as transactions.


Já estou lendo e realmente está bem bacana :)

Thiago Zavaschi

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